“Copy paste culture” is ruining student research, “copy and paste programming” is the bane of serious programmers. The Ctrl (or cmd) + c / + v key combination definitely has a bad rep. Yet, if we counted the number of times we type it daily, I am sure we would be surprised by the result. In this article, I want to take a closer look at this ubiquitous command, its history, its future and anything in between.

Physical x Digital

I am currently working on a product called ClipDrop, that was born from a rather simple experiment last spring. I…

Posting a demo video of a weekend long experiment changed my life. What if you finally published your side-projects?

A gif collage of past experiments and demos
A gif collage of past experiments and demos

I define myself as a hacker, and I have always loved prototyping new ideas. Life is often ironic in giving you what you haven’t (really) asked for. In 2008, I co-founded art collective lab212: our goal was not to be exhibited, and we ended up being part of a few dozen arts shows around the globe. A long time bad student, I was offered a professorship to teach and lead the Media & Interaction Design Bachelor at ECAL (Lausanne, Switzerland).


Raise your hand if you have never used your calculator to play Super Mario in class instead of solving differential equations. For this first article in a series on design and machine learning, I want to start by exploring what happens when things go purposefully, exquisitely wrong.

For a long time, the tools available to artists were designed specifically for them. It’s hard to do anything else but paint with color tubes — even though their invention revolutionized visual art by allowing painters to take their easels outside of the studio where they previously mixed fragile pigments themselves.

Photography might…

Cyril Diagne

AI+UX — CEO at ClipDrop

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